Shopping Pearl Cocktail Jewellery Online: Tips For The Jewellery Shopper

Pearls – those beautiful lustrous orbs have always been associated with vintage charm, something that was a style statement in the yesteryears perhaps, or when you wanted to go all retro. But not anymore. With the penchant for buying Cocktail Jewellery Online rewriting the rules of adorning oneself with pearls, there is no end to the sheer ways you can dress up even modern outfits with pearls. Hazoorilal cocktail jewellery in India is highly coveted by the buyers of jewellery looking or something unique. Beautiful ornaments made from pearls from Hazoorilal cocktail jewellers in India will give you that elegant and classy vibe no matter what time of the day it is or what your outfit is, if you keep these styling tips in mind:

  1. Pearls are not always white so go ahead and explore other colours in pearls like green, black, peach, gold or any other pastel colours. Remember, white and other light pastel shades of pearl complement dark colours in clothes for day wear perfectly but for a glamorous night out, invest in pearls that have a subtle sheen of blue, gold or silver to them.
  2. Leave the single line pearl necklace for when you want an everyday chic and vintage look. Multiple strands of pearls in a necklace make for a glamorous and eye-catching accessory to an evening gown. A choker with a narrow cuff is also an elegant choice and will go well with exquisite gemstones in the design as well.
  3. Simple or tear drop pearl ear rings are so passe. The new styling idea for pearl ear rings is to wear them in chandeliers or shoulder-sweeping, long pieces that add to the style quotient of your outfit with elan. For day wear, stylists recommend geometric designs in gold and pearl, that classic combination albeit in a new avatar that’s going to have everyone raving.
  4. For rings, instead of a single pearl set in gold or silver, choose more elaborate designs like floral settings, cocktail rings etc that will draw attention to your hands. Diamonds and pearls in a cocktail ring are something that will sparkle on your finger.
  5. Baroque pearls are also in great demand for contemporary cocktail jewellery online. The understated glamour of polki diamonds and the sophistication of pearls gives ornaments beauty that is unparalleled.

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