Events and parties are considered mainstays in big cities like Delhi. It is common for people to want to have a blast on their weeks off after a long work week. In that case, they may try to get the perfect look whenever they are gathering around and chilling with friends or attending a cultural event or gala party.

Here comes the role of cocktail rings, which you may consider adding extra charm or help make a statement. If so, you can contact Hazoorilal Cocktail Jewellers in Delhi. This jewellery brand is making buzz all around for having a collection that perfectly matches people’s interests and personalities.

Keep reading to learn about the important edges of this prominent jewel type.

A quick overview of cocktail rings

A big, bold, and uniquely styled ring is nothing but a cocktail ring. These are commonly known as statement rings and are larger in size than usual rings. Their large size may be due to the oversized gem embedded in the ring and its extravagant designs.

These dramatic and eye-catching rings first gained popularity in the 1920s in the USA. Since then, it has become a part of fashion trends. With its big and extravagant size and style, people find it confusing whether they can wear more than one statement ring. The answer to this is that you should not feel uncomfortable wearing more than one statement ring. You can even play with colours and textures to get a complementary look.

What are the most popular gemstones for cocktail rings?

Cocktail rings come with a wide range of stones, and some of them are:

  1. White gems like diamonds, pearls, and opals
  2. Red gems like garnet and ruby
  3. Green gems (emerald, green sapphire, peridot)
  4. Yellow gems (citrine, fire opal)
  5. Blue gems (blue topaz, blue sapphire, aquamarine, and turquoise)
  6. Purple gems (like amethyst and tanzanite)

If you find it interesting, you can visit the collection of Hazoorilal cocktail jewellery sets in India.

Types of cocktail rings

There are generally three ring settings and styles that you can consider for your occasional look.

  1. In a prong ring setting, small metal claws hold the center stone firmly in place. These are available in a wide range of designs, like rounded, flat, pointed, or V-shaped.
  2. These statement rings come with precious gemstones that you can choose as per your preference from Hazoorilal Cocktail Jewellers in Delhi.
  3. Black cocktail rings are unique and powerful accessories that can add an elegant spark to your look. You can even include this in your workplace’s accessories.

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Hazoorilal cocktail jewellery sets in Delhi are gaining popularity among jewellery lovers. The collection includes the best cocktail rings with precious gemstones. Visit the store and make your fashion statement unique and stunning.

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